sabato 15 marzo 2014

St. Peter's Dome, the history

The dome, builded during the pontificate of Paul III Farnese, was designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti from the end of 1546 and was discontinued after his death in 1564. The works were resumed in 1588 by Pope Sixtus V by Giacomo Della Porta and Domenico Fontana. Pope Clement VIII completed the construction of the lantern.
Dome of St. Peter,  view from the Vatican Gardens

The attic above the entablature is decorated with panels with festoons plant, while at the base of the dome of each rib are carved the three mountains of the arms of Sixtus V. The view of St Peter's Dome can be seen as you've never seen from Via Niccolò Piccolomini. Walk the path by looking at the dome and behold, the closer you get, the more the dome moves away; if instead of retreating, the dome will seem bigger and closer. A game of prospects for curious optical effect  because of the arrangement of buildings, and the point of observation.

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